Keystone brings skiing to all age and abilities with ski runs on three mountains- Dercum Mountain, North Peak and The Outback. The resort covers a seven mile stretch of the Snake River, has three village areas and 2,870 skiable acres. Keystone is unique as it is the only resort in Summit County to offer night skiing. Reserve your Keystone ski rentals today!

One of the two gondolas at Keystone has just been extended to reach deep into River Run Village and the rest of the lifts at Keystone are fast and shuffle skiers through with ease so lines do not back up. Keystone has a spectrum of types of runs; the groomer runs at keystone are manicured to meticulous Vail Resort standards and the CAT skiing gives the purist the unspoiled power bowls. The glades at Keystone are well spaced and numerous.

The Ski school at Keystone offers full and half-day classes as well as night classes both for groups and private lessons as well. Another feature of the Ski school is their Specialty Programs. “Keystone Bettys” is a class for women and taught by women, and not just taught by any woman; Anne Black is Colorado’s ski instructor of the year and teaches this class.

“Mom, Dad and Me” is a family based ski lesson that teaches families to ski together and gives tips for parents to help their children along. “Keystone’s Kroozers” is a three week program that pairs ages and ability levels for your child to learn best.

Keystone is home to a numerous amount of fine dining options but if you have the means, eat at the Alpenglow Stube for lunch and the Der Fondue Chessel for dinner. These two restaurants are at the top of North Peak so a dinner reservation involves dressing up and riding two gondolas to a Bavarian style lodge tucked back far enough in the Colorado mountains that, on a clear night, the stars are unlike anything you have ever seen. This is a memory maker for the whole family. If a gondola at night is not your style, eat at The Ranch at Keystone for world-class food and service.

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