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Summoning Your Inner Beast with Outdoor Activities in Colorado

Colorado is the highest state in the US with the average height above sea level being 6,800 ft. The state is renowned for its rivers, mountains, and trails. Outdoor sports and activities are more often than not only limited by your endurance and imagination. With over 54 high mountains, Colorado is as formidable as they come. Read on for three of the best ways to challenge the adversity of the Colorado outdoors.

Climbing to Quandry Peak

At 14,000 ft, Quandry Peak is part of the 54 fourteeners in Colorado. Ascending to the peak is not a technically hard climb. The elevation allows for climbers to simply walk up to the peak. The challenge with Quandry Peak is the duration of the walk. It takes heart and good physical shape to get to the top and back. Fortunately, with the climb requiring no ropes and other technical equipment, climbers can come in groups and even bring their pets along. It also worth remembering that should you get into difficulties there are rescue services readily available including mountain rescue dog services, air ambulance and the regular emergency services. While it may not be the most enjoyable thing to think about, preparing for the worst is essential when enjoying adventurous outdoor pursuits.

Fishing in the Taylor River

Taylor River has some of the biggest trough fish in America. There is a specific quarter-mile part of the river where fishers catch the biggest trout, appropriately named the Hog Trough. If you choose to fish here, be prepared to compete with other trophy hunters because the section is quite popular.

Hiking in Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde National Park has some of the best preserved Puebolan architectural features. For this reason, the park appeals to those bitten by wanderlust and those intrigued by history and archeology. The park is extensive and hiking to see all the attractions is demanding, physically. There are over 5,000 archeological sites, with 600 of those being cliff homes where the Pueblo people used to live. You will not see all the sites in one day. The aim is to visit as many as you can. The Mesa Verde park doesn’t allow pets such as dogs to freely hike with their owners. If you bring your dog, make sure he or she can handle the endurance of the long hike. Bringing a dog will tire you out because you have to keep him or her leashed as per the rules.

There are many other outdoor activities that you can engage in when in Colorado. An example rafting in the Arkansas river and cross country biking in Fruita. Whatever you chose to do, Colorado will challenge you and force you to the edges of your endurance. But then again, isn’t that why people go to the outdoors?

Published By: Jocelyn Brown